What Is Neighborhood Bible Club?

Neighborhood Bible Club (NBC) is an intensive children’s outreach ministry for churches. It is similar to vacation Bible school; however, instead of meeting in a church building, it takes the Gospel to where the children live, right into their neighborhood.

NBC is composed of a teacher, a host, and a prayer warrior, along with neighborhood children. This can be a five-day summer ministry meeting Monday to Friday for an hour and 15 minutes or once a week through the school year for 36 weeks. A clear Gospel message is presented at each meeting, along with a Bible lesson, upbeat musical memory verses with movements, a review game, and a hands-on craft activity that the children take home each day.

What Makes NBC Unique?

  • NBC is true outreach because it takes the Gospel to where the children live — right into their own neighborhood.
  • Truth is presented simply and clearly, not assuming that its hearers have Bible knowledge.
  • NBC curriculum specializes in reaching children K-5 but also has parallel Bible studies for the entire family, including preschool, youth, and adult.
  • Most often at least one NBC leader lives in the neighborhood where a club is held, so relationships are built throughout the year.