Neighborhood Bible Club Series

Armor of God Series
I Am Determined: the life of Daniel
Sword of the Spirit and the Belt of Truth
Come, Lord Jesus: Christ’s coming
Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
I Will Run from Temptation: the life of Joseph
Breastplate of Righteousness
Lord, Teach Me to Pray: the Lord’s Prayer
Praying in the Spirit
I Am a Child of God: the life of David
Helmet of Salvation
Growing in Faith: growing in faith in God
Shield of Faith
What Is the Neighborhood Bible Club Curriculum?
The Neighborhood Bible Club curriculum is great for Vacation Bible Schools and your own Bible club! NBS is a series composed of six units reflecting “The Armor of God.” Churches can use a six-year rotation system each summer (five-day summer ministry meeting Monday to Friday for an hour and 15 minutes) or once a week through the school year for 36 weeks, thus equipping the children in their communities with the whole armor of God. The units are as follows:
I Am Determined The life of Daniel shows how a person can have peace in his life even when bad things happen. Since Daniel believed and obeyed God’s Word, his story reflects what it means to lift up The Sword of the Spirit and wear The Belt of Truth.
Come, Lord Jesus teaches about the promise of Christ’s first coming in Genesis to His eternal reign in Revelation. Children are comforted when they learn that Jesus came the first time to die for their sins and that He will come again to rule as King. Believing those truths is like putting on God’s Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.
I Will Run from Temptation investigates the life of Joseph. His righteous life gives him the honor of wearing the Breastplate of Righteousness.
Lord, Teach Me to Pray tells children what Jesus taught the disciples when they asked Him, “Lord, teach us to pray.” This unit studies the Lord’s Prayer and truly reflects what it means to pray in the Spirit.
I Am a Child of God focuses on the Bible character David. His life experiences show what it means to put on God’s helmet. This helmet of Salvation protects the mind of God’s child from believing Satan’s lies. David earned the honor of reflecting the Helmet of Salvation.
Growing in Faith contains Bible lessons that teach children how to grow in their faith in God. Practicing the truths learned from these lessons will encourage children to hold up the Shield of Faith.