Why Choose NBC


Why Pastor Jim Recommends NBC: This ministry for outreach into your community has been a great blessing to our congregations and I wanted you to know how. Here are some practical results we have reaped from making it our annual VBS effort:

  • NBC has refocused our attention and actions on our neighborhoods where people live
  • NBC puts excellent materials into the hands of people who already live in those communities and have personal contacts among its people
  • NBC empowers the “people in the pew” and equips them to make a vital impact on the world where they live
  • NBC gives a new group of potential leaders the opportunity to significantly serve their Savior
  • NBC produces a new generation of empowered workers for the rest of the church ministries
  • NBC builds passion for evangelism and prayer in the people who become involved with the children of their neighborhoods
  • NBC grows a prayer burden in the hearts of the total congregation and gives the church a hands-on mission they can accomplish
  • NBC takes the message of your church into the homes and lives of the community around your church through the children
  • NBC is designed to be a “pastor-friendly ministry,” which empowers the people and doesn’t burden the church staff or pastor
  • NBC “seeds” the Gospel into the hearts and homes of neighbors in a friendly, gentle, and life-changing way
  • NBC helps believers make their homes a natural ministry center to address the needs of the non-believers in their community

Taking the Gospel to where children live, right into their own neighborhood is not only the motto but also the essence of NEIGHBORHOOD BIBLE CLUB!

The main purpose of Neighborhood Bible Club is to reach children for Christ. Jim Custer pastored the Grace Brethren Church of Columbus, Ohio for nearly 40 years. Statistics show that over 24,000 children were reached from 1987 to 2010, of which almost 2,100 have been saved. In addition many parents and other family members were also impacted because of NBC. In 1997 it became a national nonprofit ministry. Consider the following blessings:

  • Over 75 percent of the children attending are not from the sponsoring church. NBC is clearly reaching children who have never been introduced to the Gospel!
  • Anyone can teach the NBC curriculum. All teaching materials are supplied, and teachers can self-train at home.

During the school year NBC curriculum can be used weekly from September through May, supplying the teacher with 36 lessons consisting of many color visuals, including 36 memory verse songs and six theme songs with movements. These clubs can take place in a neighborhood home or in a Released Time program.

A typical summer Neighborhood Bible Club is a five-day ministry consisting of a teacher, host, prayer warrior, and neighborhood children.

A club meeting usually lasts an hour and 15 minutes and contains a Bible lesson, upbeat musical memory verses with song movements, a review game, and a hands-on craft activity to take home.